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Life Wear Technologies Announces ThermalMAX® Heat Packs

August 4, 2016


Life Wear Technologies delivers unmatched, long lasting heat therapy with ThermalMAX® heat packs!

(August 4, 2016) - Life Wear Technologies, a leading global supplier of both branded and private label sports medicine products and manufacturer of the CryoMAX® Cold Therapy 8-Hour Reusable Cold Packs, is proud to announce today the launch of ThermalMAX® long lasting heat packs. ThermalMAX® heat packs deliver customers optimal heat therapy for over 2 hours, which will deliver a new level of long lasting, wearable therapy to consumers in need of deep heat therapy.

ThermalMAX Heat Packs

“As the manufacturer of the #1 selling cold therapy product in Food, Drug & Mass Markets, CryoMAX®, we felt a great responsibility to deliver a similar level of advanced technology and convenience in heat as with our patented ‘Points of Cold’ technology.” said Bradley Waugh, CEO of Life Wear Technologies. “With ThermalMAX® we are leveraging similar technology that will deliver lasting heat therapy to those seeking to manage various chronic ailments, including reducing pain in joints and relaxing sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It isn’t always convenient to use an electric heat pad, but with ThermalMAX®, you get a microwavable and reusable product that supplies over two hours of heat therapy…on the go!”

ThermalMAX® will be available at select Walgreens and regional grocery retailers nationwide as of August 2016.

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About Life Wear Technologies:
Life Wear Technologies, LLC was established in 1974 as one of the original manufacturers of Sports Medicine products. The company began selling its products to athletic trainers, institutions, sporting goods dealers and professional teams throughout the US Market. After gaining notoriety as a leading innovator in the sporting goods arena, the company shifted its focus to the rapidly growing first aid and pharmacy market. In addition to the health supports, Life Wear Technologies began manufacturing elastic bandages, athletic tape and eventually hot & cold therapy products to become the first one-source solution for private label Sports Medicine products. Today, Life Wear Technologies is a leading supplier of both private label and branded Sports Medicine products sold in Chain Drug, Food and Mass Merchant retailers.

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