LifeWear Technologies


Quality characteristics of Lifewear products include adjustability, breathability, stability and comfort.

All Life Wear Technologies products are required to meet the FDA’s Quality System Requirements (QSR) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), as well as various other regulations of the countries in which our products are sold. Life Wear Technologies, Inc. designed and incorporated our internal Quality Management System (QMS) to provide comprehensive quality assurance measures for all production and distribution activities within the company and its suppliers. The QMS is fully developed with procedures and continuous improvement policies.

QMS Organization

The organization of Life Wear Technologies is structured to permit the complete independence of the QMS from the production team. The quality personnel report directly to management, leading to consistent, ethical oversight of product quality.

QMS Management Review

Management review is held quarterly to analyze performance of QMS and provide relevant information to all members of the management team and supplier partners.

QMS Product Identification and Traceability

QMS is set up to include the archiving of all data gathered to support the identification, traceability and conformance.

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